Whether you’re planning a birthday, baby shower, brand launch or a holiday party, your goal is to plan a fun and beautiful event. Planning is such a complicated process that not requires good organizational skills but also quite a bit of time and attention to detail.

Everything must be perfect -- the food and beverages served, the entertainment, the flowers and the decorations, even the venue. You not only want to make a lasting impression on your guests -- you want them to never want the day to end. Hiring a professional event planning company that has experience producing highly detailed events is the best way to create an event that incorporates your vision and exceeds your expectations!

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She KNOWS what she is doing! She CARES about her work and about you! And she is TALENTED - she will take your vision and make it even better than you imagined. Her creativity and kindness shine through. You would never go wrong working with Wandering Events in any capacity. She will work so hard for you! As a planner myself, I highly recommend and respect Kelsey's work ethic and her art. Proud of you, boss lady!! Keep on shining through wherever you go

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