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There is no such thing as a perfect event. As an event professional, with more than 10 years in the industry, things have and WILL go wrong, no matter how much planning and preparing you do.
Our job is to A. Work as hard as we can to prevent problems from arising and B. Fix the problems when they do happen, and in a way that our clients will hopefully never know it happened. That my friends is true magic- no fairy godmother will be there to bail you out only my team and I, your planning BFF's!! 

The Wandering Events Experience

Kelsey is the owner and team lead at Wandering Events. With over 10 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, doing everything from consulting, planning, designing, and producing events, she has seen her fair share of events, and provides the experience to skillfully deal with the hurdles that often come with planning events. Kelsey holds a professional event & wedding planning certificate and B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University.

After spending time in the corporate world as well as teaching her knowledge of the complex hospitality and events industry, Kelsey founded Wandering Events in Seattle, Washington in early 2018, with the goal of creating a client experience that not only goes above and beyond to meet client needs, but also strives to simplify the entire event process. After two Years of working between Texas and Washington she moved her business full time to DFW + Texas. With her extensive knowledge within the industry, Kelsey has built many valuable relationships with highly respected venues and vendors, having her work featured in dozens of trade magazines and newsletters, including Style Me Pretty, Condé Nast, Wedding Chicks, and many more.

Kelsey is known for her attention to detail, high level of communication and goes to great lengths to ensure that any event can be seamless. Her relationships with many talented partners in DFW and across the country allow her and her staff to put together the perfect team of professionals to exceed all expectations.
Kelsey is a devoted wife and mother, having welcomed her and her husbands first child, Payton, in February of 2021. Kelsey is also the dog mom of two wonderful pups, Ginger and Riley. Kelsey loves traveling and trying new things. She strives to put her best foot forward in all her endeavors, and truly aims to be your event BFF.


Event Expert, Flower Connoisseur, Coffee and Details Obsessed.

Hi! I’m Kelsey Parker.

Event Operations Manager


the people that make it all happen. Your Event BFF'S!


Fun Facts about Arden
+She is an Enneagram Type 2- The Helper
+Her and her husband Jackson have two beautiful daughters; Penelope & Leighton
+She has one Fur baby; Wally
+Starbucks Order: Trenta Iced Coffee with Non Fat Milk, Caramel & Classic

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