The Top Things to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Planner and Designer

Hiring a wedding planner can be quite intimating and it is no easy task. Doing a google search in your area for a wedding planner and designer can be overwhelming, and how are you supposed to know who is the best?

Photo by: Lauren Neely
  • First you need to understand what type of services you are looking for, are you needing a destination planner, partial planner, full -service planner or day of event management? Once you know what service you are looking for you can start inquiring and making decisions.
  • The biggest issue that you might face is that the prices can vary heavily not just between services but also between planners. For starters understand that being a wedding planner isn’t a regulated industry, meaning there is no degree or certification requirements. This makes the process even more difficult for couples to find and trust the right planner.  It’s important to know that the planner you are interested in has some sort of certification or University degree in the related field. Cheaper isn’t necessarily better, and just because two pros say they offer full-service wedding planning doesn’t mean that they offer all the same services. For some planners, full-service means a few hours of planning help while for others, that number can reach 1,000-plus hours of work to create your perfect day. You can’t blanket compare the costs of two pros without understanding what exactly is included in their services.
  • When first deciding if a planner is for you it is best to reach out to them. Find someone who you instantly vibe with online by checking out their social media, Pinterest page, blog posts and then send them an inquiry. Schedule a time to talk to them on the phone, it’s incredibly important that you both connect before jumping into the planning process. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT sign a contract or submit payment without talking, face timing or meeting your planner in person. This is the most important day of your life and you should not just hire anyone, make sure you both are the right fit for eachother.

Its all about relationships, you must completely trust the planner you and your fiance’ decide to hire. This process is meant to be joyous and effortless, but not vetting your planner and designer properly can lead to unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

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