How to Determine your Wedding Guest Count

Guests lists can be intimidating. We know you might have a large family or many friends that you would like to be a part of your day, so how do you decide who makes the cut?

Here are some tips we give our couples to determine their wedding guest count when it comes time to sending invites.

Photo by Lauren Neely

Plan your Numbers
Before you even compile your guest list, sit down with both sets of parents/ families and give them an allocated number of guests they can invite. This opens the line of communication and expectations, but it also saves you from having those awkward conversations later down the road.

Evaluate your Friendships
This can be a tough one but we recommend you and your fiance sit down and talk about the levels of these friendships and what each person means to you. Know your budget and be realistic- if you have a more flexible budget then invite your long lost high school friend but we find that In the end, most of our couples boil it down to inviting only people they see and talk to on a regular basis.

Stand your Ground on Plus One
One common tip we usually give for this one is if you haven’t met your friends’ significant other or they had only been dating them for a few months, we didn’t invite them. It may seem harsh, but we recommend, especially on a smaller budget, sharing this day with people you know and love.

Know your Self/ your Partner
Figure out what you and your fiance enjoy and go with that. If you like small intimate parties keep your guest count under 100. Enjoy being the life of the party, shoot for 250 or more. Obviously, you need to account for budget here as well, but knowing what makes you both comfortable is important.

Remember when figuring out your guest list that this day is about you and your significant other. In the end its ultimately up to you both who you want to share this special day with. Follow these tips to help stay on track and check out more of our wedding planning advice.

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