How a Wedding Planner Saves You Money!

Before you say that a wedding planner isn’t in your budget, did you know that a wedding planner can actually save you money?

Yes you heard me right! Between discounted rates, creating your budget and knowing how much you should be spending to stay within budget, you cannot afford to not hire a professional wedding planner!

If you ask any wedding vendor if you should hire a wedding planner, they will more than likely always answer yes, because experienced wedding planners are worth their weight in gold.

What I feel that most couples don’t understand is that you don’t hire a wedding planner to just help with the timeline and getting you down the aisle, a wedding planner is your fairy godmother for the day. They solve problems before those issues ruin your entire wedding because with that many moving parts, anything can (and does) happen!

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  • Vendor relationships

Hiring an experienced wedding planner is an asset when in the process of hiring your vendors. Keeping your budget in mind, your planner can make vendor recommendations based off of their previous work experience, quality of service, and reliability.

  • Access to the newest & best services

Experienced wedding planners work on creating relationships with the best professionals in the industry. Since we are a good referral source for companies providing a service to the wedding industry, wedding professionals will reach out to us with specials or new products and, services. Normally we are the first to know who has new services or pricing.

  • Saving you time…which is money!

A professional wedding planner will save you a tremendous amount of time (the new money) and all of your sanity. It’s no longer ‘time is money.’ Now time is literally the new money. A wedding planner will do the extensive research and find the perfect rehearsal dinner location or suggestions on the best place to handle a brunch the day after your wedding. That’s time back in your life. Time that you didn’t waste looking for the right fit because it was delivered to you with options from your wedding planner.

  • Reading the fine print

Contracts can be tricky; we can not only save the headache of going back and forth with vendors we also can also help couples save money by reviewing all of their vendor contracts. We will make sure all costs are correct, refer to your budget we created, and make sure our couples are getting the best deal.

  • Discounts and deals!

Most wedding planners are a part of partner or discount programs with companies such as minted and Generation Tux. These discounts can quickly save you a lot of money and allow room for flexibility in other areas. This is a great question to ask when talking with potential planners!

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