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As a couple planning a wedding, I want you to be aware of the differences between the two so you can make the best decision for your day!

Your Venue Coordinator Works for the Venue, Not You!!

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When looking at wedding photos, one that is always aesthetically pleasing is the flat-lay, detail shot, usually composed of your wedding invitation suite, maybe your beautiful wedding shoes, perfume, or your sparkling rings! The invitation suites are an eye-catching touch, but what all goes into an invitation suite anyways?! In this post we will be […]

Wedding Invitation Suite Breakdown

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Planning a wedding comes with what feels like hundreds of small decisions that all go into the big picture of your wedding day! You’ve picked your dress, your fiancé has his outfit set, your wedding party has their dresses and suits, the only thing left is your guests! Your guests are looking for direction on […]

Guide to Deciding on a Wedding Dress Code

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Hi Again Everyone! Little Payton is such a cutie, and while Kelsey is back to work, she didn’t want me to stop writing just yet. She says I still have a lot to discuss, and I don’t think she is wrong. This blog I wanted to discuss potential pitfalls from cutting corners and sacrifices you […]

The Husband of the Wedding Planner on Where to Not Cut Corners for the Wedding

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I am back at it again! For those who don’t know this is part of a series of posts I am doing for my wonderful wife Kelsey while she is helping take care of our newborn child. She isn’t sleeping much, which is probably the only reason I get to keep doing this. I want […]

The Husband of the Wedding Planner on Where to Scale Back Without Compromising Your Vision Pt 2:

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Great News! I have not been thrown out of the house yet, though it may be because my wife is focused more on the five week old baby than me at the moment. I can’t blame her though she is a pretty cute baby. Today I want to talk to you all about something important. […]

The Husband of the Wedding Planner on Where to Scale Back Without Compromising Your Vision Pt 1:

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Hey Everyone, as a lot of you know, I am doing a guest series for my wonderful wife- owner of WBE. She is recovering from having our first child. She is doing great but is enjoying seeing me do some of these blog posts for her. This week I will be discussing How You Should […]

The Husband of the Wedding Planner- How You Should Budget for A Wedding

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Hey Everyone. I want to introduce myself. My name is Reed Parker- The Husband of the Wedding Planner-the toughest woman I know, Kelsey Parker. Last week, Kelsey gave birth to our first child, Payton Jayna Parker, and we are thrilled that she is finally here. We are as physically prepared as we can be for […]

From the Husband of the Wedding Planner: A 10 Week Guest Column– An Introduction

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Are you getting married and have no idea if you need a wedding planner or not? Some of your friends say you should hire someone and others say its not necessary. So how do you figure out if you actually need a wedding planner? In this post we will be breaking down a few of […]

What Does a Wedding Planner Actually Do?

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You’ve spent alot of money and time this past year planning that perfect day but COVID had other plans. What and how can you move forward? What if you do not want to wait ANOTHER year to marry your person? The answer, backyard or private venue wedding!

How to Pivot your Wedding this Year

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