How to Book the Perfect Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are one of the most important elements of your big day. Not only do they provide color and decoration, but they symbolize life, growth, and rebirth. Good wedding flowers are also a conversation starter one of the things guests will remember most besides the couple OF COURSE! The right business can help make wedding planning a breeze but may be hard to find. So, coming straight from a planner + designer we are giving you the tips on how to book the perfect wedding flowers.


A Florist is a person or business that sells and arranges plants and cut flowers. Florists generally have a physical storefront, have a range of stock design styles (not custom) that they use over and over when creating and delivering arrangements on a DAILY BASIS. Most florists do daily deliveries for birthdays and special occasions such as valentine’s day and Mother’s Day. They will also do a lot of funeral work but not necessarily specialize in weddings.

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Floral Designer

A Floral Designer is an artist who specializes in using flowers to create one-of-a-kind floral pieces for WEDDINGS, parties or events. The floral designs tend to be unique and custom to what the client wants. This process is different from a traditional florist shop because you have to order the flowers in advance, prep them and make sure they are at their absolute BEST for wedding day. They don’t need to last a week. They need to be GORGEOUS for that one day!

This takes ALOT of planning and prep work to time it all just right for the design to be its best on wedding day. Floral Designers are also involved with the overall design of your wedding. They are interested in the linen colors, the candles, and all the little details working together with the flowers! Think Arches, Candles, Vases, and tabletop accessories to make it beautiful and cohesive! Most designers usually include all the labor for installations, day of delivery, set up and tear down.

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How do you know which is which?

Most of the time you will find the answer simply on their website or in their email signature or you can simply ask them. I know when I am called a florist and I quickly correct them to say that I am a floral designer, this is because I want to be clear of my companies specialties which does not include that of a florist.

Florist or a Floral Designer?

We are not recommending one or the other because it honestly all depends on what your needs are. If you are looking for simple and flowers and not too important to you then you should probably seek out a florist. More than likely their costs will be lower than the designer- due to using stock designs instead of creating a one of a kind designs specifically for you.

If flowers and installations are very important to you then we highly suggest you seek out a Floral Designer– someone that will take time to truly understand your whole vision, ideas and design one of a kind pieces for you. Floral Designers usually offer other design services such as creating layouts and will ask for a venue walk through, and even help book rentals such as pipe and draping.

Once you figure out what your needs are start looking at businesses that have previous work on their website and social media that is similar to your needs. Reach out to them and begin discussing your special day.

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