3 Steps to Owning your Wedding Budget

When it comes to budget and searching for vendors the term “affordable” and “arm and leg” is thrown around a lot. But what do those terms mean?

Well frankly they mean nothing. Why? Because these terms can not be quantified. To one person the term affordable means $50,000 and to the other it means $500.

As a professional in the wedding and event industry, we know not everyone has the same budget, and that is OK! Here are some steps to remember when approaching vendors.

Step 1: Be realistic.

Know that those pins on your pinterest board of floor to ceiling florals does not fit into your $3500 floral budget, and know that a gourmet plated meal with fresh farm to table ingredients is going to cost you more than $50 a person.

It’s ok to want these things but you have to be honest with yourself from the beginning and figure out what it the most important thing to you.

Step 2: Be Honest

When approaching vendors do not use the words affordable and costing an arm and leg. These are not quantifiable terms and do not help with finding your vendor, it only leads to frustration and disappointment on both ends.

Know that most vendors are charging the price they deserve, and have it set at that cost for a reason. If you are finding the cost is too high, examine your vision and figure out if it is correctly a lined with your budget.

Step 3: Be Flexible

As a professional planner it is our job to respect your budget, but it is also our job to educate you on the actual cost of services in the industry. If you are wanting an over the top- Instagram worthy wedding and have a budget of $10,000- we will tell you what is,and what is not possible and you have to be flexible.

This means you might have to either adjust your vision to reflect your budget or move around your budget to reflect what is most important to you.

So where do you go from here?

If you do not have a planner to help create your budget, you MUST be honest with your self and do the research to figure out what services cost. Remember, you get what you pay for. Do not shame or get angry with professionals because they are not in your budget- take time to be honest with your self and figure out what is most important to you.

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